Augustine Approved SuperBath Skin Condition Treatment Bath for Dogs

The ingredients promote cleaning and conditioning of the skin, fighting bad odours and will revitalise coat appearance naturally.   Moisturising and hydrating to add to their bath or foot soak.

Do you know that Calendula is traditionally applied to the skin to reduce pain and swelling (inflammation) and to treat poorly healing wounds and leg ulcers?

SuperBath has a role in helping maintain health skin and soothing skin conditions.

All Natural dog skin care bath


Licorice Root, Pau d’Arco, Cat’s Claw, Cinnamon Bark, Burdock Root, Devil’s Claw, Chamomile Flowers, Calendula Flowers.

Makes up to 40 baths!

Preparation is to place mixture inside the supplied bath bag, tie a loose knot at the end to prevent the mixture from spilling out and infuse in a large cup of boiling water for five minutes.  Then add to bath or foot soak.  Easy!