What is it? 

Cleanse & Detox is formulated is a super bundle of the famous Faith to aid in ridding your pet’s body of worms and parasites using Wormwood, and to aid in absorbtion of nutrients and detoxification ingredients to re-balance the digestive system.  Supports health kidney and liver function.

Packaged to include Faith’s formula, and the synergistic addition of Dynacol Zeolite and Raw Coconut for absorption of the ingredients.

Augustine’s Faith 65g, Augustine’s Dynacol Zeolite 80g, Augustine’s Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 250g

Faith is blend of 22 human grade herbal tea ingredients.  It is a natural herbal food supplement. The ingredients have been carefully selected on their individual proven and documented western evidence based medicinal and nutritional values. Use daily for maintenance and to increase the health of dogs and cats.  Read Faith’s famous ingredients and case studies Faith Testimonials and Ingredients/Usage