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Banish Travel Anxiety in Pets…Tips to Enjoying a Stress-Free and Mess-Free Free Trip

2020-01-01T11:19:57+00:00Behavioural Issues|

As an important member of your family, you want your pet to share the fun and excitement of a holiday or road-trip. With many more pet-friendly accommodation options available, there’s never been a better reason to take your pet along with you on your travels. Causes of Travel Anxiety in Pets Just like humans, travel [...]

How to Keep Your Dog Calm Through a Thunderstorm or Other Disturbing Noise

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The loud noise of thunder or fireworks can unsettle your dog and in some cases, your dog may even run away.  In Australia, dogs are lost each year due to storms and fireworks. Here are some ways to help your pet if they are afraid of storms and and get  stressed or anxious at these [...]

How to Know If Your Pet Has a Mental Health Problem

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If your pet appears to have lost its energy and enthusiasm, it may be suffering from depression. Once you know what to look for, you can identify the signs of poor mental health in your pet and take steps to help restore the emotional well-being of your pet. Pets Like Consistency Pets often feel the [...]

How to Quickly Calm Your Anxious or Stressed Pet

2019-12-20T14:38:35+00:00Behavioural Issues|

Fear, anxiety and stress can be  quite common among pets. The most common signs are panting, trembling, hiding under the bed, excessive salivation, urination in the house, crying and barking for no reason are some symptoms which indicate your pet is stressed. Each pet is different and responds to calming techniques in different ways. Here [...]

Tips to Beat Travel Anxiety in Your Pet Naturally

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Including a pet in your travel plans can be fun, but quite a challenge. Aside from deciding what to pack, you also need to consider the hotel’s pet policy, organise travel insurance and complete other formalities required for a pet to accompany you on your travels. Here are some tips to make travelling with pets [...]

How to Detect and Remove Paralysis Ticks in Your Cat

2019-12-09T05:35:27+00:00Common conditions|

Paralysis ticks are deadly little creatures which attach themselves to skin and feed on your cat’s blood. As they feed, they also inject a toxin which can paralyse your pet.  To keep your cat safe, it's important to search for ticks every day and get rid of them, before they cause any harm. Often cats [...]

How to Keep Your Pets Free From Ticks All Year Long

2019-12-06T03:14:40+00:00Common conditions|

Ticks are external parasites that live off the blood of other animals and are typically brown or grey and can vary widely in size from a couple millimetres to about the size of a “bean”. When ticks latch on to other animals like your pet, they feed off the  blood supply, leading to the transmission [...]

10 Signs of Pet Anxiety and Safe Ways to Overcome It

2019-12-03T07:43:58+00:00Behavioural Issues|

Just like humans, pets exhibit signs of anxiety and express their feelings in different ways. Many pet owners find it difficult to spot signs of anxiety in their pets and often confuse it with other emotions. To know what your pet is feeling, you need to understand their body language and the signals they send [...]