HomeoPet Storm Stress

When the sky darkens as the thunderclouds roll in, you know what’s coming – and it’s not just a storm. It’s a whole host of symptoms from your pet that represent terror in the face of booming thunder, lightning, howling wind and rain.

Pets who experience distressing reactions during a storm can start trembling and hiding, panting and even engaging in destructive behaviours. Their symptoms are both physical and psychological.

The fastest and most effective solution is to administer HomeoPet’s STORM STRESS, which comes in liquid drops with a rapid-acting formula is absorbed immediately.

STORM STRESS is part of the HomeoPet range of natural treatments developed by Veterinarians and an essential health care product for owners of petrified pets all over the world.  It has been clinically trialed worldwide to promote a sense of calm and relieves stress in a cat or dog scared of thunder and storms.  It is a liquid solution that is fast acting, usually within minutes without any side effects.

For general anxiety issues, you may wish to refer to HomeoPet Anxiety.

In Australia, the leading behavioural Veterinarians Dr. Seskel, Dr. Ley, Dr. Blackman and Charles Sturt University conducted major triple blinded trials that show significant results in reducing dog storm phobia.

Fearful behaviours such as cat or dog shaking, panting, drooling, fear, hiding, and destructive behaviour can be helped with Storm Stress.  These are common physical and psychological symptoms associated with a cat or dog scared of thunder or storms, frequently referred to as dog storm phobia or dog noise phobia or dog storm anxiety.  The same applies to our cat friends.

A safe, effective remedy that promotes calm in pets exhibiting fear from:


Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behaviour can be helped with this fast acting liquid. Professional strength

Storm Stress comes in three sizes based on your pet’s weight.

Ingredients and Benefits:

Monkshood (Aconitum nap 10x & 200c)
Signs are worse at night, so a night storm is even more frightening.  Fear from sudden noises or storms

Oat plant (Avena 7x & 2c)
Anti-neurotic for calming the nervous system and is useful for palpitations and nervous exhaustion

Deadly Nightshade (Belladonna 30c)
Useful for normally quiet individuals.  Very sensitive to the flash of lightning causing terror with dilated pupils, even aggression

Borate of Sodium (Borax 6c & 30c)
Fear of any sudden noise or any loud noise.  Drooling is often a symptom.  Super alert animals, like rabbits, with trembling whiskers as it sniffs the air for predators

Calcium phosphate (Calc Phos 30c & 200c)
Fear of thunder, and will shake, tremble and bolt during a storm

Yellow Jasmine (Gelsemium 6c & 30c & 200c)
Used for anticipatory anxiety with trembling and the animal becomes paralysed with fear.  Diarrhea or involuntary urination may occur when under extreme stress

Club Moss (Lycopodium 6c & 30c)
Fear of wind and sound storms.  Anticipatory anxiety

Carbonate of soda (Natrum Carbonicum 30c & 200c)
A sensitivity to any electrical changes.  Starts reacting before the storm starts.  Alert and sensitive individual as in Borax

Sodium Chloride (Natrum Muriaticum 30c)
Sound sensitivity.  Often averse to company, not making eye contact.  Can be sad looking.  They are prone to self-mutilate, causing a lick granuloma

Passion flower (Passiflora 7x & 2c)
Calming, anti-convulsant.  Quiets the entire nervous system.  Anxiolytic-like Avena, Valeriana & Skullcap

Mineral Phosphorus (Phos 6c & 30c & 200c & 1M)
Super-sensitive to all external impressions, particularly thunder and lightning storms, with a strong fear of the dark.  Friendly, yet vet-phobic, anticipating any intervention

Rhododendron chrysanthemum (Rhododendron 6c)
Very much affected by windy or wet stormy weather.    Helpful for stiffness from arthritis that is aggravated by the storm

Blue skullcap (Scutellaria Lateriflora 7x & 2c)
Restlessness or unease from nervous fear or excitement

Silica (Silicea terra 30c & 200c)
Strongly affected by changes of weather, noise and light as in storms, hurricanes, thunder, lightning and fireworks

Jimson weed (Stramonium 30c)
Terror with the wide-eyed look of fear that can lead to aggression.  Has a strong fear of the dark, re-homing or abandonment

Stavesacre (Staphysag 6c & 30c)
The animal is afraid of its own shadow.  Super sensitive to every impression, including touch and noise.  Can alleviate resultant symptoms such as skin eruptions that are sensitive to the touch

Valerian Root (Valeriana 7x & 2c)
Hysteria with over-sensitivity, more so when alone in the dark


One dose (10 drops) every 15 minutes up to 4 doses if needed.