HomeoPet Travel Anxiety is formulated for dogs and cats who may experience car sickness, motion sickness or fear of travelling that may cause unwanted behaviour and unnecessary stress.

Unlike other solutions, HomeoPet Travel Anxiety is not a tranquiliser or sedative. That means, it is non-sedating, non-habit forming and it works rapidly.

It is a natural, plant-based formula with no side effects.  It generally results in a calmer pet and is easily administered in liquid form. HomeoPet Travel Anxiety has been formulated by Veterinarians and has been clinically trialled worldwide.

For general anxiety issues, please refer to HomeoPet Anxiety.  However, there are circumstances where the two products can work well together.  For example, plane travel can cause general anxiety as well as motion sickness.  The use of both HomeoPet Anxiety and HomeoPet Travel Anxiety is recommended in this case.

Symptoms include vomiting, drooling, panting, restlessness or unwanted behaviour.

Ingredients and benefits:

Borate of Sodium (Borax 6c & 30c) For the effects of nausea from motion, motion associated with travel.
Cocculus indicus (Cocculus 6c & 30c) For the effects of motion sickness from disturbance of balance mechanism.
Meadow Saffron (Colchicum Autumnale 6c & 30c) Motion sickness, fear of travel, drooling, fear of travel or motion.
Passion flower (Passiflora 6c & 30c) Calms fear induced by the effects of travelling.
Valerian Root (Valeriana 6c & 30c) Calming effect from over-excitement associated with travel.