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  • 100% natural, no side-effects, free of all chemicals
  • Easy to adminster
  • Safe for kittens, puppies, pregnant and nursing animals
  • Clinically used on dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and pot-bellied pigs
  • Manufactured under FDA registered process

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HomeoPet Anxiety acts rapidly, generally within minutes for your distressed dog or cat.

Does your dog cry or bark when you leave the house? If so, it is not uncommon.  Statistics say 10-20% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety.  Perhaps your cat is struggling to adapt to the cute new kitten in the family?  Anxiety in our pets can be brought on by any number of experiences or situations, from visiting the vet to being scared of new animals or people who come into their lives. Other activities that can cause distressing reactions in our pets include grooming and loud noises such as fireworks or machinery.  HomeoPet Anxiety liquid drops act fast to relieve the symptoms exhibited by our pets from these situations – symptoms such as trembling and shaking, barking or whining and crying, hiding and myriad other behaviours that can tell us our pet is feeling fear or suffering a phobia.

HomeoPet Anxiety has been formulated by Veterinarians and is clinically trialled worldwide to promote a sense of calm for your pet.  Unlike many other products, it is non-sedating and non-habit forming it works rapidly, often within fifteen minutes.

Many situations can result in a scared cat or dog.  For example, the introduction of new pets, dog fear of being alone, your cat or dog scared of the vet or grooming visits or moving to a new house.  Anxious, fearful or unwanted behaviours like excessive dog barking, dog whining, dog crying, dog or cat hiding or dog shaking and dog or cat drooling, cat or dog fretting may be helped with HomeoPet Anxiety.

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  1. sheryl (verified owner)

    This really worked for my epileptic dog!

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